11 successful years of SAP Business One

11 successful years of SAP Business One

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Leading IT Solutions Provider Culex is 11 years old today! As our success has been with the implementation, development & support of leading ERP solution SAP Business One, let’s look at 11 reasons for you to consider SAP Business One for your business:

  1. Disparate systems only go so far – at some point you will need to take a long hard look at your data and it won’t be pretty. Having everything in a single solution makes life a whole lot easier.
  2. It’s scalable – as your SME continues to grow, your flexible ERP solution will do too.
  3. You can choose to have it hosted, on premise or in the cloud – getting an ERP that fits the way you want to work and which suits your business has never been easier with SAP Business One.
  4. Gain the ability to integrate with suitable and affordable value adding add-ons such as Taskcentre and Boyum CRM for Outlook.
  5. Enable your workforce with SAP Business One Mobile and get the edge over your competitors – anyone can access their business critical information anywhere, using Android, iPhone or iPad .
  6. There are industry specific solutions designed for business processes that are unique in your area, from wholesale and distribution to Multi nationals, there is a perfect fit for your business .
  7. Access lightning speed insights with real time analytics and reports with SAP Business One with SAP HANA.
  8. Outgrown your current accounting system? Choose a business solution that supports your growth not restricts it.
  9. With finance offers available you won’t have to blow your budget upfront on a huge IT investment and with clear pricing structures from the outset,  the people we speak to are always pleasantly surprised with how the cost is far less than they imagined .
  10. Using Ecommerce for SAP Business One and the Magento integration process, you can streamline the information flow and allow automatic transfer of data from your SAP Business One directly to your Magento e-commerce website.
  11. Finally, read these case studies to discover how these varied businesses all made the switch to SAP Business One and their reasons why.

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