5 Myths You Should Ignore About SAP Business One For Your Business

5 Myths You Should Ignore About SAP Business One For Your Business

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1.       It’s only for great big companies

Just because SAP Business One is used in 41 countries, in 27 languages and by 50,000 customers worldwide doesn’t mean it’s too big for your business.  Ignore the other numbers and concentrate on this number instead – ONE. Rather than use lots of disparate systems, you will have a SINGLE solution which covers everything your business needs and as it’s scalable too, it will accommodate whatever you need in the future. The reality is that the majority of SAP Business One users are SMEs just like yours who are looking to integrate their processes and become more efficient thus enabling future growth.  SAP Business One is not just for big companies, it was designed for the sole purpose of providing a solid foundation for growth for SMEs.

2.       We only have 15 employees so it’s too big for what we need

The majority of SAP Business One customers have less than 50 employees. SAP Business One is suitable for companies from 1 to thousands of staff – if you are currently experiencing any of these pain points, it’s a sign that you would already benefit from utilising an ERP Solution:

  • Outgrown your accounting only software;
  • Manual processes taking too long – automation required to be more efficient;
  • Workforce need to be mobile enabled to keep up to date and work flexibly;
  • Need access to real time information to make faster and better decisions, based on valuable  data you already hold;
  • Looking to reduce your information being stored in multiple disparate systems, making reports time consuming and inaccurate;
  • Customer service and retention needs to improve
  • Achieve business growth by utilising a single solution to accelerate profitability.

3.       We want to invest in the business not software

By not investing in the replacement of legacy software, your disparate systems will soon (if not already) hold you back from future growth. Here are just a few benefits of a single ERP solution as the foundation for your growth.

  • Having a solid foundation to build on means that as your company grows, your software is scalable and can accelerate your growth;
  • Manual processes can be automated, saving on resources;
  • Manual entry errors can be eliminated and you get real time insight into your business to enable you to make faster and better informed decisions;
  • Customer retention is improved with an integrated CRM system, customer service improved by accurate and efficient order processing alongside informative communication;
  • Mobile access can allow your staff to work anywhere at anytime, increasing sales and providing flexible options for your valued staff;
  • The Cloud based or hosted options of SAP Business One means you don’t have to replace and invest in costly on premise servers, and
  • Streamline business processes, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Your goal is business growth but your reality is disjointed systems and operational constraints – how will that improve if you grow first THEN address your systems? If you want to run simple from the start and avoid the inevitable business process complexity in the future, adopt a scalable and flexible solution now.  As an ERP solution, SAP Business One allows you to grow in the future and supports your business today. It’s not just the software you are investing in – by prioritising targeting your software first, you are already making steps towards that future growth.

4.       It’s not suitable for my industry

With over 50,000 customers worldwide and designed specifically for SMEs, SAP Business One and Culex Ltd have experience of implementations in all industries.  From wholesale & distribution to retail and metal processing, there is a business solution tailored to your industry. For a more detailed overview of what this means, check out our case studies here.

5.       It’s too expensive for us

The cost of SAP Business One may surprise you. SAP Business One was designed with SMEs in mind and the costs aren’t as high as you would think.

In particular a popular choice is SAP Business One OnDemand, the cloud based version of SAP Business One. The solution allows you to utilise the full power of SAP Business One in the cloud, for a monthly subscription fee per user, and minimal investment in IT infrastructure.

Culex Ltd can provide assistance with finance, click here for more details.


Culex Ltd is the first SAP Business One partner in the UK to be awarded SAP’s prestigious SAP Recognised Expertise for SAP Business One. Find out how we are recognised for our demonstrable product knowledge and delivery capabilities, as well as how we can help you to grow simple.

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Culex is an accredited SAP Partner, specialising in the implementation, support and development of SAP Business One since 2003. Our extensive business experience and software knowledge enables us to consistently deliver a service of the highest quality, which in turn enables our clients to maximise their return from their software investment. For further information about Culex Ltd, call 08000 199 420 or visit www.culex.co.uk/


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