5 questions you should be asking an ERP provider

5 questions you should be asking an ERP provider


Having a single tailored ERP solution for your business pays dividends but how do you choose the right provider to take on your project and implementation? Handled correctly and with the right partnership, an ERP implementation should provide greater efficiencies. Here are 5 points to consider when meeting with ERP Providers.

Do they have proven experience of your industry?

Ideally you want your chosen ERP Software provider to have worked in your sector previously so they understand the potential problems and solutions that such a system configuration can involve.

  • Have they ever worked in your particular industry and if so with whom;
  • Can they provide case studies or testimonials relating to your industry;
  • How will this particular software improve your business and help it grow;
  • Will they provide reference details so you can speak to an existing customer?

Do they have a clear understanding of your business and its unique processes?

Any Enterprise Resource Planning software you consider can be tailored to meet your business requirements but in order to do so, the ERP provider you choose must have the understanding necessary to take the original product and turn it into your specialised solution. Questions that need to be asked are:-

  • If the business has unusual or bespoke processes which are unique, can these be addressed by this software,  if not, are there any add-ons which are suitable;
  • Can it be run using existing hardware or is further IT investment required;
  • Is it suitable for the amount of users in the business;
  • If your business expands, can it still meet your needs;
  • Can it handle any regulatory requirements that need to be met?

Is the proposed ERP system future proof?

Your expectation will be that your new ERP system will help your business grow and innovate, so you need to ensure that any software you invest in now is guaranteed to meet the future needs of the business :-

  • Can this system cope with the demands of the business now and support any changes to our processes, particularly if the business makes regular changes;
  • Are upgrades and modifications included and how will they be managed;
  • Does the ERP provider have the skills required to enhance the product?

What is involved to get this software to meet your business requirements?

The longer it takes to make the software product suitable for your business, the more expensive the project and the more removed the product is from its intended purpose.

  • Ask how long it will take to complete the software project;
  • What options make this software better for the business compared to any other product – how does it completely fulfil what you need to do in a way that other products on the market don’t;
  • What downtime and disruption is likely as part of the implementation;
  • What is an achievable deadline to ensure staff and departments are ready for the go live stage;
  • If there are lots of changes required to the original product, does this mean it is not the ideal fit for your business needs?

What happens after the implementation?

Once the staff training is carried out and the implementation is complete, consider what support your new ERP provider will be prepared to offer on an on-going basis as this will be the true test of your provider’s capabilities.

  • What level of support can you expect, what service level agreement is in place;
  • How are business priority issues escalated;
  • Will I need to provide on-going training for staff when upgrades occur;
  • What maintenance and support costs are per year;
  • What services are chargeable?

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