5 Reasons Why SAP Business One Is The ERP Solution For 50,000+ Customers Worldwide

5 Reasons Why SAP Business One Is The ERP Solution For 50,000+ Customers Worldwide

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1.       Designed for customers exactly like you

SAP Business One was designed by SAP specifically to meet the needs of growing small to medium enterprises like yours. As a single ERP solution it meets the needs of businesses who have experienced growth but have now outgrown their existing systems, which are either restricting further growth or just not getting the job done anymore.

SAP Business One addresses the following common problems you may be experiencing:-

  • Difficulty in accessing up to the minute and more importantly, accurate information to give you insight into just how well your business is performing,
  • Lack of communication across departments due to disparate systems
  • Staff less than enthralled with being held back from being able to excel in their roles due to inefficient, protracted processes which just don’t meet with the increased workload,
  • Complex systems which don’t talk to each other – leading to painfully long manual processes rather than quick, automated and streamlined processes,
  • No ability to offer remote working, or for sale staff on the road, no opportunity to update orders without coming back to the business,
  • Lack of access to real time reporting, allowing you to make fast and better decisions

If any of the above sounds familiar, you are merely running your business – not growing it.

2.       Investment and development in SAP Business One

SAP are constantly developing and investing in their product – with the release of the new 9.2 version this month, there are even more features and enhancements available. Check out the latest roadmap release, in conjunction with 9.2 to discover why it is a market leading innovative ERP solution for SMEs.

3.       It’s scalable

As an SME that has experienced growth since inception, you may now be wondering when to take that first big step into the world of ERP solutions. You are undoubtedly planning for growth, but not sure when the new implementation is needed. Chances are, if you are already thinking that your systems are restricting growth, you need to build upon the foundations of your future sooner rather than later. Are your competitors able to provide a faster service than you? If they have systems that are aligned, streamlined and automated they will be reaping the benefits of improved efficiencies. You don’t necessarily need to start out big, SAP Business One gives you the support you need to move towards your growth goals. Since it’s entirely scalable, you won’t be biting off more than you can chew and equally, once you have grown it will be there to provide the framework for an evolved, bigger business.

4.       It’s not one size fits all

There are numerous types of industry that rely on SAP Business One – not just to simplify their processes and make them more efficient, but to also assist with regulation and compliance. Check out the list of industries that SAP Business One helps. Culex also have clients ranging from cellular pathology to tyre wholesale and distribution, have a look at our case studies here . With solutions such as mobile sales app and customer checkout recently released, it is clear that SAP is dedicated to making SAP Business One the market leader for all types of customers. With over 50,000+ customers worldwide, you can depend on this ERP solution to support your growing business.

5.       Choose the way that works best for you

With 3 choices of deployment available and finance offers, you can choose how quickly you want your implementation to happen and whether you keep hold of your on  premise servers. The SAP Business One in the Cloud option gives you the flexibility to pay per month per user, so you always know what you will be paying.

It’s no wonder SAP Business One is the market leading ERP solution of choice for SMEs. Take a look at our YouTube Channel for more clips on the wide range of SAP Business Ones users worldwide who are transforming their business and see some of the features in action.





Culex Ltd is the first SAP Business One partner in the UK to be awarded SAP’s prestigious SAP Recognised Expertise for SAP Business One. Find out how we are recognised for our demonstrable product knowledge and delivery capabilities, as well as how we can help you to grow simple.

About Culex

Culex is an accredited SAP Partner, specialising in the implementation, support and development of SAP Business One since 2003. Our extensive business experience and software knowledge enables us to consistently deliver a service of the highest quality, which in turn enables our clients to maximise their return from their software investment. For further information about Culex Ltd, call 08000 199 420 or visit www.culex.co.uk/



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