Beat the postage increase…!

Beat the postage increase…!

Beat the postage increase by emailing your documents from Exact!

Help beat the cost of the postage increase with electronic mailing of your documents from Exact! Sending your customers and suppliers PDF documents via email could not be easier or cheaper. Not only saving the cost of stamps but also paper, envelopes and the time needed to prepare the mailings.

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  • Documents sent as PDF’s
  • Quick and easy
  • Customise your layouts to meet your corporate image
  • Invoices, Credit Notes, Confirmations, Purchase Orders, Debtor Statements and more…


A very quick ROI

A quick example to demonstrate how mailing costs build up…..our customer sent 50 invoices (never mind other documents) via First Class mail every day. This now equates to £30 per day….or £7,800.00 per year, just on stamps! Add in the cost of envelopes, paper, printers/ink, and time to create, and you’ll be well into 5 figures.

See it for yourself!

Let us demonstrate to you the benefits of electronic mailing from your system. To arrange, contact us on 08000 199 420.

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