Cloud implementation is increasingly being driven by HR depts

Cloud implementation is increasingly being driven by HR depts

With many companies trying to improve their culture of work and life balance, Cloud  offers employers the chance to retain and attract prospective employees with perks beyond  their salary expectations.  The ability for all employees to now request flexible working hours, work from home/remotely and to work outside the ‘normal 9-5’, allows companies to attract and retain the up and coming millennial generation.

The expectations of this generation offer both benefits and challenges to employers; they no longer want to be confined to working at a desk 9-5; they see business and personal lives as intersecting, particularly with regards to social media; and the mobile applications available to this generation means they expect be managed in a more fluid way than ever before.  HR departments are now pushing  innovations such as Cloud to allow them to drive growth and sustainability in their business, via their human capital.


Cloud services, such as SAP OnDemand, offers employers the benefits of paying per user per month, with no expensive IT investment required and less demand on in-house IT resources.  In terms of managing your workforce, Cloud allows employers to assess where and how their employees best work and to identify where technology can enhance company needs and skills.

For employees, it means that they can become mobile and less restricted to the office – they can achieve a work/life balance by being able to pick up work outside 9-5 and ultimately, work in a way that was never possible for previous generations.

Naturally, offering a more flexible way of working leads to more engaged employees who are invested in the future of their company. This is particularly pertinent when there is no longer ‘a job for life’. Bearing in mind that this millenial generation are predicted to be the first who ‘job hop’ – moving employers every 3- 5 years – it is becoming increasingly important for HR directors to plan for these new expectations.  In order to attract and retain the best future employees, those companies who innovate now and adopt Cloud Services will keep the best talent and reap the rewards.

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