EDI solution for SAP Business One

EDI solution for SAP Business One

Great news! Finally an affordable and effective EDI solution for SAP Business One!

EDI solutions have previously been expensive and time consuming to implement, requiring extensive programming to produce the messages and integrate with your ERP system.

Culex has developed a great solution via an easy to use toolset with Orbis TaskCentre. With the Interchange Editor you don’t need a programmer to spend endless hours mapping the documents. Instead a consultant or a skilled end user can map a document in a few hours. The easy to use editor enables mapping of standard EDI files like EDIFACT, TradaCom, VICS and many others.

Standard mappings for many documents are available on request which makes setting up EDIView for TaskCentre even easier. The toolset also features tools to upload and download EDI files to a VAN (Value Added Network).

Many of our clients are already using our EDI Solution for SAP Business One. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us on 01244 853838.

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