How can you improve your order to fulfilment times?

How can you improve your order to fulfilment times?

Fulfilling a sales order, whether it’s from your ecommerce web store or taken over the telephone is a critical piece of a business’s operations. Providing goods quickly and efficiently can result in positive feedback on review websites and can encourage repeat business.

Whilst many businesses pride themselves with offering a great customer experience, in the background a team of employees or dedicated dispatch team are required to manually extract orders from SAP Business One and an ecommerce store and manually place the order with a courier service for fulfilment.

The down side to this is:

• Bi-directional data entry

• Time consuming

• Costly

So how can you improve your order to fulfilment times to maintain high customer service levels?

The answer is to establish a seamless SAP Business One integration with an ecommerce store and a courier service provider that enables the automatic synchronisation of information between business systems and applications with your selected shipping service(s).

Common requirements for Courier Service integration:

• Automated publishing of tracking numbers to customer portals and eCommerce solution

• Automated proof of delivery into SAP Business One

• Automated identification of orders for fulfilment and printing of labels

• Automatic placement of sales orders with your courier service provider

• Automated tracking number notifications sent to customers via SMS or email

• Automatic creation and distribution of reports

Achieving an automated dispatch process can be attained through introducing a SAP certified, simple to install and easy to maintain integration and business process automation solution called TaskCentre.

TaskCentre for SAP Business One provides the ability to synchronise sales order information between systems and applications and can extract customer data including email addresses and mobile phone numbers to:

• Eradicate bi-directional data entry and associated errors

• Improve the dispatch process and remove associated bottlenecks

• Save time within the warehouse

• Reduce delivery update status queries

• Improve customer satisfaction and experience

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