SAP Business One Comes 2nd In Accounting Web’s Software Satisfaction Awards 2013

SAP Business One Comes 2nd In Accounting Web’s Software Satisfaction Awards 2013

In the online SSA13 survey carried out by Accounting Web, each piece of ERP and business intelligence software was rated individually on a scale of 1-5 on its ease of use, functionality, support, and value for money. The product ratings were balanced with a customer advocacy score – a calculation based on the percentage of customers advocating the use of the software minus those who would not do so.

According to Accounting Web,  “With a sample of 772 responses compared to nearly 5,000 small business survey responses, ERP is a much smaller universe within AccountingWEB, but that figure has grown from 4-6% of the SSA accounting population in the past few years to 14% in 2013. Compared to the popularity of the cloud applications in the payroll and small business accounts categories. In the SME ratings, 42% of respondents used cloud applications and we identified a 15-20% differential in product ratings between cloud and desktop systems. We think this could reflect reduced system admin burden and more immediate relationship with the software provider, which has more improtance for small business software users, but there appears to be a similar cloud “bonus” of around 10% within the SSA13 survey.”

SAP Business One has been tailored for the needs of mid-market businesses that need fast implementation and had a significant impact in the 2013 ERP survey – the first time the product has been assessed in SSA process. It pushed ahead of Pegasus in the number of users responding to the survey and while it lagged just behind the Infor subsidiary’s modular accounting system in the product ratings, Business One had a 7% higher customer advocacy score.


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