Get New Insights on Cash Flow Management

Get New Insights on Cash Flow Management

Complete Control. Accurate Cash Flow.

Every company needs the right amount of funds on hand at the right time to meet obligations. Cash is king – without it, you can’t pay suppliers or cover payroll.

SAP Business One provides complete financial accounting – including support for journal entries, accounts payable, accounts receivables, and banking – as well as cost accounting and budgeting, so you can ensure healthy cash flow.

SAP Business One gives you the tools you need to adequately handle payment terms, customer reminders, and cash collections. For example, the system can notify you of any pending payments and produce aging reports that analyze outstanding receivables and liabilities for both customers and vendors. SAP Business One also helps you track customers that haven’t paid on invoices, then issues automatic reminder letters based on payment delay and amount. You can automate receivables, invoicing, and cash reconciliation processes – all of which shorten order-to-cash cycles. And you can set up budgets in any currency, define allocation rules, track expenses against budget, and send alerts whenever budgets are exceeded.

In short, SAP Business One helps you manage payments, transactions, and expenses to better control your cash flow and your entire business. See the video below for a full SAP Business One Overview.

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