SAP Remains on Top as the Cloud Grows

SAP Remains on Top as the Cloud Grows

A recent report by Gartner – Market Share Analysis: ERP Software, Worldwide, 2013 - has shown that SAP remain the market leader when it comes to ERP, selling $6.1B in ERP systems, up from the $6B reported for 2012.  Oracle lies in 2nd with $3.117B  in 2013, down .2% from 2012’s sales.  Sage comes in 3rd with $1.5B in sales in 2013, Infor is 4th with $1.5B, and Microsoft is 5th with $1.169B in sales in 2013.



However beyond market share, the report delves into another crucial area of ERP – the effect of cloud-based systems for both ERP vendors and customers. Andy Kyte of Gartner Research, says:

The mistake that some people made was the belief that these large,  all-encompassing on-premise systems represented the end of the line for ERP. The thought was that there was no need to do anything different, because ERP could do everything. But it is pretty clear now that was not true.”

“The big vendors have a very strong forward revenue stream from the huge amount of embedded spend. They will have a solid future on just that; but the broader question is how the IT landscape will change over time, particularly given that the cloud represents such a diverse portfolio of services.”

With the growth in Cloud growing every year, SAP has already increased it’s focus on the cloud and has achieved notable success in leading the way to the industry cloud model, with over 600 add-on solutions to SAP Business One available. SAP & Culex work together to provide the most suitable software solution to develop affordable industry specific solutions for our SAP Business One clients.

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