Top 5 reasons why your business should be choosing ERP in the Cloud

Top 5 reasons why your business should be choosing ERP in the Cloud

No doubt you have heard about the Cloud and the way in which it can redefine the way we all do business. But is Cloud ERP the right decision for your company, right now? As a brief overview of why so many companies like yours are making the move to the Cloud, here are 5 reasons why you should consider it for your business too.

1. Cost

First & foremost, moving ERP to the Cloud can save you money & aid cash flow.

  • Hardware – no longer will you need to buy new servers & associated equipment every few years;
  • Maintenance – those costly servers that you no longer own will not need expensive maintenance;
  • Cash flow – amounts you pay per month on licence subscription are predictable & easy to manage;
  • Insurance – you may find your premiums are reduced if your vital business data is held securely in the cloud rather than in your premises where it is vulnerable to fire & theft (see point 2).

2. Physical Security

Your physical premises face all manner of threats on a daily basis, the most obvious being fire & theft. Years of irreplaceable business data could disappear overnight. Holding your data in the cloud removes this threat entirely. Our data centres are mirrored over multiple separate locations, negating the threat of fire, theft, business interruption from power cuts, and so on.
3. Updates & Online Security

No more having to manually process updates on your server or installations by user; these can be managed remotely for you. In an age of increasing threats from hackers & scammers it is imperative to stay up to date with the latest security updates.

4. Mobile Technology

The ability to view & act on your businesses data anywhere, anytime, has become the norm. With your data in the cloud it is easily and securely accessible via you laptop, tablet, or mobile, enabling you to make & carry out decisions whenever you want.

5. License Flexibility

Businesses have to constantly adapt to changing market conditions. When times are good you may want to increase the size of your workforce, and therefore the software licenses you subscribe to. This is simple to do via the Cloud, with new licenses being made available as soon as you have subscribed. However when you need to batten down the hatches to weather an economic storm, you may well want to reduce the size of your team. Again, ERP in the Cloud facilitates this, allowing you to cut costs when necessary.

SAP Business One is available as a cloud solution. View our microsite on SAP Business One Cloud for full details.

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