What are the 4 most common SAP Business One ecommerce integration scenarios?

What are the 4 most common SAP Business One ecommerce integration scenarios?

Organisations that sell their products or services online commonly use powerful ecommerce web stores such as Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify and Amazon Marketplace. Unfortunately, for many businesses it still requires employees to manually extract its data and re-key information in to their business software. Information is also manually extracted from business software, for example SAP Business One and is re-keyed in to a carefully chosen ecommerce web store.

The downsides of manual bi-directional data processing are:

  • Time consuming
  • Prone to errors
  • Costly

Ecommerce professionals are now turning to solutions which can automate the flow of information between their web shop and business software.

so, what are the 4 most common ecommerce integration scenarios?

  • Automatic insertion of web shop orders into an accounting solution
  • Automatic transfer of orders status and current stock levels and/or images from accounting systems to web store
  • Automatic placement of an order with a selected courier service(s)
  • Automatic synchronisation of customer information between ecommerce application and a CRM system

Organisations that are automating the common scenarios are seeing the eradication of repetitive data entry and associated human errors, a significant decrease in order to dispatch times and a reduction in operational costs.

Automating the synchronisation of information between business systems and an ecommerce application can be an affordable and quick process by utilising drag and drop integration tools such as TaskCentre’s business process automation software.

What ecommerce applications can TaskCentre integrate?

  • Magento integration
  • Shopify integration
  • PrestaShop integration
  • Bigcommerce integration
  • X-Cart integration
  • Amazon Marketplace integration
  • Volusion integration
  • eBay integration
  • Practically any other ecommerce solution

For more information on how Culex and TaskCentre can automate the flow of information between your business systems and applications to streamline your business, call 08000 199 420 or visit www.culex.co.uk.

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Culex is an accredited SAP Partner, specialising in the implementation, support and development of SAP Business One  since 2003. Our extensive business experience and software knowledge enables us to consistently deliver a service of the highest quality, which in turn enables our clients to maximise their return from their software investment. For further information about Culex Ltd, call 08000 199 420 or visit www.culex.co.uk.


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