What’s stopping you from using ERP?

What’s stopping you from using ERP?

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Not sure of the benefits of implementing an ERP system? Not sure whether an on-premise or cloud based ERP solution is the better fit for your company?

Whether your business’s goal is to save money, grow, improve operations, make your customers happy — or all of the above — Enterprise Resource Planning software is your answer.

  • Best-in-class organisations with ERP have 91% customer retention
  • SaaS ERP’s total cost of ownership is low enough for 75% of organisations to consider it
  • 44% of organisations are willing to consider SaaS ERP for the perceived ease of implementation
  • 60% of best-in-class organisations report improved profits as a result of ERP

Our handy infographic makes it simple to understand why your business should consider ERP as a crucial aspect of your future growth. See a preview below – but be sure to download the full version.

Why Chose ERP with SAP Business One

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