Why automate reports and documentation on a scheduled or data driven event?

Why automate reports and documentation on a scheduled or data driven event?

Consistent management reporting ensures that compliance procedures are adhered to, decision makers are empowered to make informed decisions, and company performance can be monitored and improved.

Typically, reports are manually created within sales, marketing and finance departments as without individual reporting on sales targets, product lines and cash flow how does a company know how it is performing?

The problems start to appear when reports are manually created as data from multiple systems needs to be collated, analysed and distributed to relevant employees.

Common report creation problems include:

  • Data is not always in one business system
  • Manual report creation takes time and is prone to errors
  • Costly and repetitive administration tasks

Automated reporting procedures on a scheduled or data driven event eradicates repetitive administration that employees face on a daily basis and safeguards an organisation against human error and provides decision makers with the most up to date information to analyse – ensuring compliance and improving data visibility.

The automation of reporting procedures enables an organisation to automatically create and send Crystal Reports or MS Reporting Services for practically any business report or documentation such as:

  • Manufacturing reports e.g. waste % per product line
  • Warehouse reports e.g. stock management
  • Sales reports e.g. sales figures by territory of account manager
  • Finance reports e.g. aged debtors or cash flow statuses
  • Marketing reports e.g. click throughs on specific marketing campaigns
  • Human Resources e.g. monthly attendance figures by department
  • Customer service report e.g. KPI statistics on calls processes
  • Customer and stakeholder reports e.g. monthly statements or purchase history

This all reduces time, removes errors and ensures that information is readily available when it’s needed most and can be achieved by implementing a business process automation solution called TaskCentre.

TaskCentre will monitor your business systems and automatically create and distribute your reports on a scheduled or event driven basis via HTML formatted email, attach the report to a CRM record or place the report on a network location. It can also initiate workflows to allow you to react to the information contained in the report.

To learn more about Culex and TaskCentre, click here.

To read more about TaskCentre and it’s automated reporting procedures, click here.

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