SAP Business One – 9.1 version

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SAP Business One – 9.1 is now on general release.

If you are thinking of upgrading to the newer version of SAP Business One or have been using an older version for some time, here’s a snapshot of what enhancements have been made to 9.1.

For our existing clients who would like to upgrade, contact us today on 08000 199 420 to discuss what the changes and enhancements mean for your business, existing software and processes.

Please click on the links to see a snapshot of each 9.1 highlight.

Enhanced production module

  • New resources module
  • Process orientated bill of materials structure
  • Production process

Inventory item cost valuation

  • Profitability can be calculated for a specific serial number or batch

Multiple Branches

  • Manage business by branches in one database/localisation


  • Additional data sources
  • Ability to more flexibly optimise MRP execution

Blanket Agreement Enhancements

  • More selection criteria, better usability

Advanced GL account determination

  • Easier migration

Maximum Weight Allocation Restrictions

  • Control weight restrictions of bin locations

Weight Factor For Unit Conversion

  • For simplified unit of measure setup

Price List Enhancements

  •  Copy price reduction on unit of measure level

Pick and Pack

  • For optimised pick processes

Fixed Assets Cost Centre Support

  • More easily track internal costs for your fixed assets

Extended Tax Reporting

  • Advanced solution to tax reporting

Default Values

  • Accelerated implementation for small businesses in selected countries

Enhanced Lifecycle Management For Extensions

  • New lightweight approach for add-on deployment

Permission Groups

  • Role-based user administration

Hiding Business Functions

  •  For faster implementations

Configurable UI Framework 

  • Adapt UIs to the needs of end users

Data Import Via Excel

  • More option and fields supported

Copy and Paste between SAP Business One Grids and Excel

  • Enable end user to edit large table data in their familiar UI (Excel)

Simplified Email and Printing

  • More options for sending documents to partners via e-mail

Specific to SAP Business One 9.1, version for SAP HANA



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